Is it possible to read 10 books a week ?!

Imagine being at the bar, and eavesdropping on the conversation of two guys sitting at the table next to yours:
“You know this week I had to read 10 books, I went to the library and in my spare time I did everything …”

Obviously, listening to such a phrase would make anyone smile!
How can you even read 10 books a week in your spare time?

Yet there are people who are capable of it … and they are not aliens, trust me!

These people who are able to read 10 books every week, have no special skills or abilities, the are not geniuses and have certainly not devoted their lives to study-ing reading methods in order to acquire superpowers. These mere mortals have only been lucky enough, one day, to find a piece of information around somewhere that caught their attention.

They heard about a study method … something linked to a so-called “three-dimensional” reading. In short, it sounded like something really curious and interesting.
In short, it sounded like something really curious and interesting.

These people then chose to put themselves out there, and in 3 days they acquired a learning method that allowed them to develop the full potential of their mind.

Of course, afterwards, it is necessary to practice consistently to consolidate the technique, however much of the work is done during the 3 days of the in-class course.

And so, it happens now that in a very short time many people manage to store a great deal of information.

“Okay, so far everything is clear.
But how does it work?
I mean, how is it possible to just think about reading 10 books a week?”


For sure it’s not possible if we use the traditional reading method we were taught when we were little. And let’s not even talk about quick reading techniques, which – because of how they are structured – they can help you improve but they won’t get you to be able to read so many books in such a short time.

In fact, all the traditional reading methods as well as all the quick reading techniques have one thing in common: they make you use ONLY the rational mind to read.

Here lies the heart of the matter: our rational mind, which works by comparing “this with respect to that”, is – by its very nature – very limited. There is instead another type of mind, also called“deep mind”, which has no li-mit and works extremely quickly and effectively.

How come it happens that when, for example, I decide to buy a certain car model, since the moment I make the decision until I finally have the car at my disposal, I notice, see, and I am attracted exclusively to cars that pass me by, or from advertising posters, that portray exactly the car model I’m waiting to buy?

Hot Car

Because within us, we have “written” that we want that car so much, and therefore even if our attention is directed towards something else the deep mind is constantly working to make sure that my most intimate desire is reached .

As soon as I see, feel, or find something that recalls my need, like a good“faithful servant”, my deep mind brings what it has perceived to my conscious level, and I become aware,and I am attracted by what responds to my desire.

We could do hundreds of other examples that prove this, namely that the attention span of your rational mind, also called the “conscious mind”, is limited and infinitely small compared to the ability to contain and process information of your deep mind, also called “subconscious mind” or simply “subconscious”.

From this point of view, it would be really interesting to be able to put the deep mind to our service, so that it guides us to get us what we want.

And do you know what would be even more interesting?
Being able to get these two parts to work together. Then you could really do whatever you want.

Like reading 10 books every week, if you wish

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