The kids come back to help other kids!
(Sunday 28th April 2019)

  • Prepare a quiz, an oral exam in an evening … a test in a couple of days!
  • Being able to read and remember 300 pages in less than an hour!
  • Overcome performance anxiety and be calmer and more serene under pressure
  • Discover that you can do better, much better and … with less effort.

But … All this WAS NOT ENOUGH
It was not enough for them, at least!

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20 boys and girls under the age of 17 (up to a small champion of 8!) will return this summer to the experience that changed their way of seeing school and everyday life!

The Change Your Life summer session (mettere data fra parentesi) this year has closed the registrations with 62 kids, and there will be some great news!
Some of the kids who came last year to do a “highly educational vacation”(as they themselves defined it in the end) and to learn the “Three-Dimensional Reading” study method, will come back!
They will return as honorary members of the staff:
“We want to help other kids like us to realize their potential, and overcome the fears that we too have had, because last year we learned that together is always better!”
(C.U. 16 anni, una delle ragazze)

And so they met last week at the association Le Sei Direzioni that hosted the meeting, and saw these young big kids try to do a…
—> POP TEST! <—

16 out of 20 said they were ready to accompany those who will arrive … but we wanted to test them.


The result was more than exceptional!

In addition to having confirmed the 16 boys who had volunteered, even the other 4 who did not feel like it changed their mind, and they will come as well, as long as they improve the school subjects in which they have not yet had good results, in fact this was their righteous doubt …

Even thought they confessed that the low grade they still have at school is due more to the “lack of compatibility” with their teacher, with respect to the result and their real knowledge of the subject.
This last condition (suggested by the kids themselves) was perhaps the most beautiful achievement of the day.
In fact, the kids had fun, and took an extra step in understanding what it means to be responsible.

Oh yes … these young kids are growing up! 😉

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