Why is it so difficult to improve yourself

“I want to become intelligent.
I want to become smarter, faster, I want to know how to handle some situations better … “

These are the demands of the many who want to know more about the 3D Reading method.
In short, in one way or another, we all want to improve in some field.
Indeed, it is difficult to find someone who does not want to….
But is this enough to actually get better at something?

The question is deliberately rhetorical and somewhat provocative.
In fact ,if it were easy to change, from one day to another, we would certainly live in a better world and it would be really difficult to explain many of the things that happen nowadays, every hour, in every moment of our lives.
If you’ve ever tried to do something really new, which led to a big change in your life, you may have noticed for sure that it is not simple, and a part of you does not want to change!

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Here’s a little trick for you!
Before changing anything, make sure you have clear answers to the following three questions.
What obstacles will I encounter in changing?
What benefits will I get from the change?
What will I do with it?

It’s true that the answers to these questions vary depending on what I want to improve, but there are answers that apply to every changing process!
Let’s see them together:

1 What obstacles will I encounter in changing?

The first obstacle is our ignorance!
When we improve, we change, so we do something in a new way, often we don’t have a past reference to hold on to, we ignore how it can be done if someone doesn’t show us, and above all we ignore the real functioning of the elements in play, our real functioning.
For example, few know, even if the discoveries of the last twenty years are within everyone’s reach, that our brain is composed of several parts, and that some of these are extremely fast..

Did you ever want something, a job, a car, a dress, or when you were a child, a toy, and suddenly it seemed to you that the world around you was covered with useful information on that thing?
In our brain there is a part that turns us into real radar machines for what interests us.
How useful could it be to be able to recognize that part, talk to it or even take
control of it?

2 What benefits will I get from the change?

The benefits that should always come from an improvement are essentially two, and one must not be at the expense of the other: the first is linked to the time taken to do what I was doing before, the second to the energy invested to do it!

An improvement is real only if these two benefits are respected!

3 What will do you with it?

Well, no one outside of you can answer this question, and rightly so…

For example, we have decided to put our new skills and abilities at the service of education and growth of all those who wish to learn!
We hope to meet you soon,

Best wishes
The staff of three-dimensional reading

Lettura Tridimensionale Libro

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